Sugar pellets

Sugar pellets consist of sugar and starch. They are employed as starter cores in pellet technology. Physically, they show fair friability which is below the properties known from MCC pellets. Additonally, they have an applicable level of sphericity. In case, that sugar content in the final drug is of no importance, these spheres can be taken as starter cores for multi-particular formulations.

Sugar-free starter cores

Starter cores with zero friability and no-sugar content are pellets made of microcrystalline cellulose. A comparison on a microscopic level is published and displays differences in surface smoothness. Surface smoothness is an important measure for low-dosed drug load of highly active API.

Pellets with functionality

In case you are working with weakly basic actives, which need a low pH environment for dissolution, starter pellets made of tartaric acid (TAP) are worthy to look at.

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