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TAPs. The safe and easy way to multi-particulate dosage forms

Multi-particulate dosage forms have striking advantages compared to monolithic dosage forms, such as:

  • low variability of gastric emptying
  • low dependency on nutrition state
  • low risk of localized high drug concentrations in the GI
  • reduced risk of sudden dose dumping
  • lower intra- and inter-individual variability
  • high control on time and place of drug delivery

This means firstly higher safety and secondly better compliance for your patients, and added-value for your products.

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    Satisfied partners

    TAP is a great offering for our clients that have a drug that shows pH dependent solubility and requires an acidic environment to improve solubility, release, and absorption. The TAP pellets can do a great job of creating the acidic microenvironment required to make their drug successful.


    APIs with poor solubility in alkalic media, like in the intestine, sometimes need a kick with a small acidic environment and we are happy to support our customers with TAP® as excipient for this dilemma.


    Our project partners love to work with TAPs, as they accelerate the dissolution rate of weakly basic drugs creating the best in-situ micro-environment conditions. You get TAPs in diverse sizes – perfect for multi-particulate formulations!


    Formulation Support

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    The development of solid dosage forms with tartaric acid pellets is one of Glatt Pharmaceutical Services’ specialty, with focus on complex formulations and vast expertise for multiparticulate systems. The development and manufacturing centers with FDA and EU-GMP certification are well equipped for all your requirements. New technologies are in charge for the realization of your product ideas. Also for demanding ingredients.

    • Sites and cGMP facilities in Germany & USA
    • Strong core competence
    • Solution oriented
    • Flexible setup
    • Full service

    Product information: Tartaric Acid Pellets

    Product, standard sizesSizeMesh size
    TAP 200100-355 µm150/50more details
    TAP 400300-500 µm55/35more details
    TAP 500400-600 µm42/30more details
    TAP 600500-700 µm35/25more details
    TAP 700600-800 µm30/22more details
    Product, narrow sizes
    TAP 300-425300-425 µm55/40more details
    TAP 425-500425-500 µm40/35more details
    TAP 425-600425-600 µm40/30more details
    TAP 425-600 PSD500-600 µm35/30more details
    TAP 500-600500-600 µm35/30more details
    TAP 700 PSD600-710 µm30/25more details
    TAP 850-1000850-1000 µm20/18more details

    TAPs are best solution for weakly basic API. No fitting pellet sizes found? Not the right material?

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