In pharmacy, formulation describes the process in which different chemical substances are combined. The result is a finished drug. Excipients and actives are processed in such a way that the best possible benefit and drug release profile is achieved.

In special for oral dosage forms, several formulation principles are suitable. One ot them is pellet technology. Herein, pellets made of materials such as microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) or of tartaric acid (TAP), are starter cores. MCC pellets show chemical inertness which make them becoming “all-rounder” for diverse actives. TAPs dissolve in aqueous media. In turn, they servce low pH environment which is needed for improved dissolution of weakly basic actives in the GI tract.

By layering and coating multi-layers of excipients and actives are possible. Low drug load up to high drug load larger than 60 % are accessible.

Excipients take over the functional part. They optimize material properties in the production process, allow taste-masking of bitter actives and serve time-controlled drug release profiles.

Glatt Pharmaceutical Services enables you developing the best formulation for your active.

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