Control on drug release

Extended release formulations show a defined rate of drug dissolution with precise release time window and location. By pellet technologies, drug and excipients are layered onto starter pellets, such that the desired formulation is derived.

Selection of excipient(s)

The selection and composition of excipients is given by the expected functionality of the excipient and the desired release function. There are diverse excipients available on the market for immediate, time delayed and extended release. By multi-layering combinations of excipients and actives can be arranged.

The base

For multi-particulates, starter pellets are the first choice. They allow layering and coating process to realize the final release profile of the drug. Inert pellets – such as MCC pellets (microcrystalline cellulose) – and acidic pellets are available. The latter ones support basic drug release. Acidic pellets are tartaric acid pellets (TAP), just to name one of them.

Case Studies for extended release

… with MCC pellets,

… with tartaric acid pellets.

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