TAP Introduction

It is an abbrevation vor tartaric acid pellets. TAP provides an acidic localized environment upon dissolution in the GI tract. As weakly basic drug show high dissolution behavior in lower pH regimes, TAP acts as a pH-modifier for increased drug dissolution.

TAPs are used in pellet technologies. Here, coating and layering of APIs and excipients can easily be formulated. In turn, the controlled release of weakly basic drug is enhanced.

Several sizes of TAP starter cores are available ranging from 200 µm to 1000 µm.

TAPs offer safe and easy multi-particular soages forms. They can be employed in tablets, MUPS, sachets and mini-tablets. goto size information


+ high control on time and place of drug delivery
+ low variability of gastric emptying
+ reduced risk of sudden dose dumping
+ low risk of localized high drug concentrations in the GI
+ lower intra- and inter-individual variability
+ low dependency on nutrition state

Case studies and application notes are available.


Manufacturer of TAP is IPC Dresden/Germany. Please, forward your request for demand of standard or special sizes.